The cold weather in here has finally arrived, and it brought a few news for all the fashion lovers.

I confess that I am a summer person, I prefer the sea, the sun, cold drinks and endless festivals, but our “cacimbo” is special.

There are colder zones is true, but our Kianda has a special climate, much like spring as in many countries “neither so cold nor so hot.”

Recently, MODD, a brand of clothing and footwear for all the family, exclusive of the Candando, has launched the new collection of Cacimbo, and, I was really proud.

The brand highlights what the Angolan woman loves: vibrant tones, different prints, timeless cuts and good prices on the pieces.

It was so difficult to choose because I actually wanted to take all the clothing from the store LOL, but of course I had to restrain myself and decided to take only what I truly needed and was super easy to match in the future.

Another super good news, It was the basic pieces session that the collection has available. Many neutral and multi-cut tops for everyday use and a very different styling at prices as accessible as 999 Kz (amazing girls).

For this year, the creators of this collection focused on 4 trends:

Pacific Space

Stars, constellations, silver tones very similar to the astronauts’ suits, sparkles and buckles, are striking elements in the collection for men.

Atlantic Nebluna – woman

Just as in the men’s collection, there are stars in the women’s line, patches of the theme “Space”, transparency and a mixture of patterns to make our styling much more modern.

For the little ones we have the collection “Space traveler” and for the girls we have the collection “Space Age”.

Remember that MODD is a brand for the whole family and unique to Candando.

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